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What is NYAH?

Nyah means purpose, resolve, brilliance! We’re on a mission to help you discover your Nyah. And to empower every human learn new skills, develop and transform.

Our platform empowers you and your loved ones to take charge and develop new skils by participating in a variety of activities in Fitness, Nutrition, Mindfulness, Mental Health, Financial Literacy and more. Acquire 21st Century Skills Now!

NYAH Digital Health Coaching

Learning On NYAH - Social | Engaging | Fun

Physical Wellbeing

Individuals | Families

Choose from fitness, nutrition, zumba, yoga, dance or train in the metaverse!

Mental Wellbeing

1-To-1 Sessions

Access qualified support for mental, emotional, psychological well-being.

Financial Wellbeing

Employees | Teams

Master everyday life skills in finance or communication. No limits. Hassle free.

Now anyone can schedule, manage, run CLASSES online

Schedule Online Classes

Choose from 300+ interest categories

Impart your skills. Earn your reward$

Run one-time or recurring activities

Build your online learning community

Calendar, reminders, event notifications

Access worldwide followers network

Teach and Learn 21st Century Skills

  • #TakeCharge. Create your own community of activated learners. Host one-time or recurring activities. Monetize your skills and talent. Earn reward$ in modern digital assets and tokens.

  • #Maximize. Create and deliver the most awesome learning experiences. Leave the burden of admin, scheduling, payments, collections, reminders and notifications to us

  • #Inspire. You've got the skills to motivate and transform your fans and community. Be rewarded in #Web3 assets like #NFT #crypto #tokens

  • Everyone prefers variety. Access an unlimited choice of amazing activities to pursue. Live. At-home. On-demand

  • Join hundreds of curated activities for your interests, hosted by qualified instructors from around the world - in Zumba, Yoga, Investments, Health, Entertainment, Technology and more

  • Engage actively. Participate. Learn by doing. Transform. Earn reward$ in #Web3 NFT, cryptocurrency and NYAH coins

  • Employee and member transformation using Asia's first AI and Machine Learning powered 21st Century Skills Development Marketplace.

  • Evidence-based integrated program designed to maximize and enhance your Employee and Organization development. Lower costs. Maximize value

  • Elevate brand positioning as "Employer of Choice", reduce claims, enhance employee engagement. Better. Together.
NYAH Skills Development Platform

On NYAH Creators Love To...

21st Century Skills Marketplace

Host Live Activities

In nutrition, fitness, mental health, mindfulness, financial literacy and more

Engage Communities

With instructor-led, online, live classes in over 300 exciting interests and themes

Motivate and Inspire

Help members acquire skills in a social, community-based learning environment

Track Progress

Monitor member progress, access biometrics, health and wearables data

Earn Real-time Rewards

#Move2Earn benefits in #Web3, NFT, cryptocurrency, NYAH coins and more

Follow-up Proactively

Check-in with members, peers, trainers, physicians, counselors and dieticians

Members Love NYAH To...

Learn | Engage | Transform

Fitness | Exercise

Participate in HIIT, bodyweight training, weight-loss/gain, self defence, yoga, zumba, dance, pilates, tai chi, qi gong

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Health Matters

Prioritize sleep, women and children's health, skin care, sexual wellness, allergies, oral health, immunity

Read More


All about macro and micro-nutrients, dieting, calorie restriction, fasting, food labels, fiber and healthy snacking

Read More


Indulge in meditation, breathing exercises, journaling, personal growth and impact, spirituality, life coaching

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Financial Literacy

Learn about personal finance, debt and retirement, insurance, equity, investments, NFT, crypto assets

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Stress Management

Guided imagery, muscle relaxation, self-discipline, work-life harmony, sleep quality, entertainment and sports

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Nothing Can Stop You Now...

You Asked. We Answered.

Your skills development and learning transformation is our priority. We always encourage our members and facilitators to host and join free or trial classes. Getting started should be easy. Contact us for any help required to schedule and join activities of your interest.

We always encourage our facilitators to host online, at-home (or hybrid), live classes keeping our member priorities as top consideration. Most classes will not require any special equipment or instructions to participate. Where necessary, our facilitators will share detailed activity description with instructions on specific equipment, ingredients or items required for participation. Get started today!

As a certified and verified facilitator (creator, coach, trainer, skilled professional) or Premium Member, you may run your own paid online classes (one-time or recurring) in the areas of your skills and expertise. You have the flexibility to set your own class schedule, agenda, fee and other details. Click Here to create your activity listing. We'll always empower you with the platform suport you need to help our members transform. We invite you to join us as a facilitator (coach) or upgrade to become a Premium Member.

During sign-up, you'll have the choice to join as a member or facilitator. Everyone begins their journey in Nyah as a member. Once you share details about your skills, expertise, certification(s) and professional membership(s), our team will schedule time to speak with you in detail and help you onboard. You may also Email us your inquiries. We're equally excited to welcome our facilitators to help empower our member transformation.

Our members choose from over 300 interests and themes to pursue online activities in Nyah. So whether you're skilled in fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, mental health, financial literacy or wish to run activities in entertainment, languages, investments and more. We offer the platform (stage) for you to host and monetize your skills. Begin your pursuit. Get started today!

Nyah empowers member transformation with #Move2Earn rewards in digital assets like cryptocurrency, NFT, tokens and more*. These rewards will soon be launched in collaboration with global sponsors and ecosystem partners. Until then, you'll earn rewards* in FIAT Money.

Take Charge Of Your Transformation

Physical | Mental | Emotional | Financial

  • All
  • Wellness
  • Skills
  • Financials
Health Screening

Health Screening

DNA | Gut | Blood Test



Equity | Crypto | NFT

Extra Curriculars

Extra Curriculars

Art | Music | Performances



Basic | Advanced | Expert

Personalized Nutrition

Personalized Nutrition

Consult | Cook | Supplement

Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Savings | Debt | Retirement

Health Frontiers

Health Frontiers

Genetics | Microbiome | Labs

Personal Impact

Personal Impact

Volunteer | Teach | Learn



Learn | Invest | Track


What they love about us

Beyond anything else I have seen in the market and stands out as a very holistic, end to end proposition. Personally, I gained significant insights, particularly on my lifestyle and have taken tangible actions over the past 6 months to improve my lifestyle, reduce weight by almost 10% and improve my fitness.

Lose weight, improve fitness

Ashwin S.

DBS Bank

My experience was simply superb. I chose them because they offered health screening and coaching all-in-one, thereby allowing me to get an overall picture of my health. I have never experienced such a comprehensive service. I will definitely continue and also recommend to my friends.

All-in-one services

Jalpan D.


When I got my results, I was in awe of just how many insights there were. By drawing on the results of all 3 tests - Gut, Blood and DNA, I got way more information on my health over and above what I know from my doctor visits. I now know why some medicines and remedies don't work for me. Definitely recommend.

21st Century Digital Health

Jil T.

Engineering Services

Highly beneficial, provides actionable information for prevention of health risks. Leading edge health services. Biological measurements taken from comfort of home. Next gen. health transformation powered with AI. I now have a preventive framework to minimise my risk against potential diseases.

Nyah Preventive Healthcare

Elizabeth T.

Cancer Survivor

Had a wonderful experience recently. Very unique, comprehensive and quite economical compared to others providing only blood test services in the Singapore market. Genixpro is already in our marketplace and available to all our employees. Will definitely use again and recommend to colleagues.

Grab Uses GenixPRO

Rishi D.


Transforming Skills

Featured Creators

Walter Adams

Leadership | Productivity

"It's not always that we need to do more but rather that we need to focus on less." Learn to maximize opportunities by doing more with less. #PrioritiesMatter.

Sheryl Salis


#FoodForImmunity. Eat right to feel right and #FightDisease. Eat your rainbow, power up with protein, build a stronger #gut, eat healthy fats, #BoostImmunity.

Amanda Jepson

Psychology | Mental Health

Our emotional, psychological, and social well-being in a #WFH or hybrid-work era. It affects how we think, feel, act and perform. Learn to manage stress, relate to others, and make healthy lifestyle choices.

William Anderson

Financial Literacy

#Crypto, #NFT, #Bitcoin, #Tokenomics, #Metaverse...what am I missing and how do I get in on the action. Is it too late to get started? Jump right in...let's #CrypTalk.

Maximize Learning

Trending Activities


Probiotics, Prebiotics, Fiber for optimal #GutHealth

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Personalized Nutrition

#HealthHacks: Personalize your nutrition this summer.

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Sleep Quality

#SleepHacks: Ways to reduce bedtime anxiety

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